How to Map the Meaning of a Greek Word

Most people get their first, tantalizing taste of Greek when they hear their pastor talk about the meaning of a Greek word.

They hear that the Greek language has three or four words for love, and learn that agapao and phileo have different shades of meaning.  And before long, they wonder, “How can I find out more about the meaning of other Greek words?”

Word study is relatively simple. you can learn the basic principles in a short time.

This section of the Ezra Project site contains the information that will help you get started.

First, you will read a series of articles that will explain how to discover information about Greek words, and how to think accurately about the facts you find.

Second, you will find a list of links and printed resources that will take you to the most useful tools for advanced study.

The information in this section will help you understand the procedure and the tools that your pastor uses to study the Greek New Testament.

This section of the Web site is just a summary of the highlights.  To get a guided tour that will help you master the process of word study, go to the Word Study Course.  It provides 7 lessons filled with examples, practice exercises, and explanations that will equip you to study Greek words on your own.


Level 1 – Basic Word Study

Word study: the basics

stage 1: Borrowing from others

stage 1: doing it yourself

stage 2: Borrowing from others

stage 2: doing it yourself



Level 2 – Advanced Word Study

Cognates – Studying Groups of Related Words

Etymology – Dismantling a Word