Greek Behind the Prof's Back

A self-instructional workbook that will teach you the fundamentals of translating the New Testament.

This text provides the resources you need to teach yourself New Testament Greek. The workbook has been used as a text for first-year Greek classes at the college and seminary level. When you are done, you should be able to translate most of the New Testament for yourself!


What makes this book different?:

Most textbooks in beginning Greek give explanations of the grammar, followed by exercises (usually sentences to translate).  Our courses move beyond mere lecture and provide students with a simple but powerful system of interactive elements:

  • Questions and answers after every explanation – to make sure that you understand the concept.
  • Practice exercises with the answers right there on the page – so that you will know immediately whether you got it right!
  • Carefully sequenced review exercises. When you first learn a concept, you will review it often. As it becomes more deeply embedded in your mind, you review less frequently but you do come back to it often enough to ensure that you don’t forget it.
  • A project each lesson that takes you into the Greek New Testament – starting in the very first lesson!


Want to get started?

Purchase the book below. You’ll have instant access to a digital copy (e-book), but we will also mail you a spiral-bound copy of the book within 2 weeks. (United States addresses only.)

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What Students Are Saying about "Greek Behind the Prof's Back"

Your book makes Greek accessible for the layman. It provides the material clearly, giving the answer key right there on the page, rather than at the back of the book. You don’t have to wait for class to find out how you did.”
— Josh, Indianapolis
“Greek Behind the Professor’s Back by Dr. John Bechtle is a great teaching and learning tool that every beginning student needs. Greek can be scary to new students, but Dr. Bechtle has taken the fear out of learning Koine Greek. This workbook does a great job of balancing teaching new material and reviewing previous lessons. This book is like having a miniature Greek professor in your pocket. ”
— SHANNON, Indianapolis

“In your book, everything just flows into my brain, instead of endless memorization. Probably anyone who has an interest in Greek could handle this book. I have probably looked at 150 books on Greek and this is the best.
— Ken, Wisconsin