Many textbooks make learning Greek a slow, painful process. Ezra Project courses and books are designed to give you a fast start and a strong foundation. Learn as much or little as you want!

Most textbooks in beginning Greek give explanations of the grammar, followed by exercises (usually sentences to translate). Our courses move beyond mere lecture and provide students with a simple but powerful system of interactive elements:
  • Questions and answers after every explanation – to make sure that you understand the concept.
  • Practice exercises with the answers right there on the page – so that you will know immediately whether you got it right!
  • Carefully sequenced review exercises. When you first learn a concept, you will review it often. As it becomes more deeply embedded in your mind, you review less frequently but you do come back to it often enough to ensure that you don’t forget it.
  • A project each lesson that takes you into the Greek New Testament – starting in the very first lesson!
Drawing upon over 40 years of teaching Greek, Ezra Project courses make things as simple as possible for learners, without sacrificing accuracy.

FREE "Greek in a Week" Exploration Course

You can learn as much Greek as you want!  In this 5-hour course, you will learn the deeper Greek meanings behind several famous Bible passages, and find out the approach to Greek that works for you. Begin to see God’s Word come alive in just one week with only an hour a day commitment!

Details: Email course; free.

Who's it for:

A great dip into the world of Greek for absolute beginners or those not quite ready for the commitment of a full course.
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  • FREE access to our new Greek Pronunciation Course with audio files ($49 value)
  • FREE access to 3 live Office Hours sessions where you can hear live training and ask questions.
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Greek Word Study Course

In just a few hours, you will be able to use readily available tools to unlock the meaning of a New Testament verse.

Details: Online course including videos; lifetime access; $179.

Who's it for:

A practical, easy-to-follow course for beginners who want to learn how to use the tools of word study to determine the meaning of the Greek words used in any New Testament passage. You can start doing it yourself in just seven lessons!

Greek Pronunciation Course & Audio Guide

August 2-11 only: Receive this course FREE when you enroll in the Word Study Course

Read and listen to Greek letters, sounds, and words in a step-by-step way so that you can learn to pronounce the sounds. You’ll also get to to listen to  (and say, if you want!) Matthew 5-7 read in Greek. Greek sounds are easier to understand than English (with fewer weird exceptions!) so once you know the rules you’ll be able to pronounce Greek words for yourself.

Details: Online course and audio files; lifetime access; $49.

Who's it for:

In this easy-to-use course, beginners can learn to  feel confident pronouncing Greek letters, sounds, and words. 

Greek Behind the Prof's Back: Translation Workbook

Greek Behind the Prof’s Back is a self-instructional workbook that has been used successfully by hundreds of students who want to translate the Greek New Testament for themselves. All the information comes in bite-size chunks, with plenty of practice and review exercises – with all the answers right there on the page!

Details: You will receive a physical workbook in the mail but will also have instant access to a downloadable copy in your online course portal. $39.

Who's it for:

Serious students committed to learning how to translate the New Testament on their own.

Full Greek Bundle & Personalized Coaching

Do you need personal contact with a live instructor?  The Premier Package offers you all the resources available in the Word Study Course and the Translation Package PLUS personalized help that will motivate you and guide you past the rough spots.

Details: Includes all our online courses and physical products along with coaching. Prices start at $329. Contact us and we’ll put together a customized learning experience for you. 

Who's it for:

Students who wish for increased support, instruction and coaching as they work through the Word Study and Translation courses.

Every course on this site is designed to give you a fast start & a strong foundation. Wondering which course is right for you? Contact us for help.