The Ezra Project

Experience the power of God's Word like never before.

Read for yourself what God has to say.

Ezra Project is dedicated to helping people explore the Bible for themselves, through a developing knowledge of the New Testament in its original Greek.  It is a ministry project developed by Dr. John Bechtle, an experienced professor and writer who has spent several decades helping people understand the Scriptures.

The Ezra Project exists to help people study the New Testament for themselves in the original Greek — not merely to accumulate knowledge, but to experience its power to shape their minds and change their behavior.

To most Christians, Ezra is simply the name of an Old Testament book.  But the man who stands behind the book holds a pivotal place in God’s plan for His people.  When an expedition of 50,000 Jews returned to their land for a fresh start at nationhood, Ezra was the leader who called the people to hit “Refresh” on their relationship with God.

“To the Book!” was his cry.  He aimed to transform their lives by turning their attention to God’s Word.  He was so successful that many have seen him as the first of the scribes, those lovers of the Law who gave themselves to teaching it.  Today we might call him the “Father of Bible Scholars.”

The man riveted himself to a single purpose:  “For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD, and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel” (Ezra 7:10). The 21st century needs a fresh generation of men and women like Ezra, people who will adopt the same purpose:   1.  STUDY the Word of God 2.  PRACTICE it in their own lives 3.  TEACH it to others

The Bible is powerful, and if we let it do its work, it will transform people throughout the world!

No matter where your skill level stands, you can deepen your understanding of the Bible by beginning to learn Greek in just a few days.