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Spend a Saturday to learn a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life!

You’re serious about the Bible. You want to know it deeply so you can share it accurately with others. You enjoy hearing your pastor talk about “what this word means in Greek.” You wish you could look up Greek word meanings for yourself, but you’re frustrated by the fact that you’ll never be able to invest the time it takes to become a Greek scholar. Greek is just for the professionals!


Even though mastery of a language takes a long time, you can learn one of the most useful Greek skills in just a day! You can learn to use readily available tools to unlock the meaning of hundreds of Greek words.

Take advantage of the Word Study Workshop to push your Bible study to a whole new level!

In one day, you can learn the basic methods of using the tools to study Greek words for yourself.

Your guide is Dr. John Bechtle, who has been helping people learn Greek since 1972. He knows his stuff. He has taught Greek at several Bible colleges and seminaries, and he has contributed to scholarly projects like the Holman Bible Commentary. But he knows how to make it simple, helping you take the first steps into the unfamiliar world of New Testament Greek.

What will you learn at the Word Study Workshop?

Most Recent Word Study Workshop: Indianapolis – March 16, 2019

Check this page for information on any future workshops that may be scheduled.

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