Word Study Course

A practical, 7-lesson course that gives the simple steps for studying a Greek word.

Pastors and professors talk about what a verse means in the original Greek. You’re grateful for the information…but you’d rather look it up yourself.

What if they’re wrong? For example, a blog on Romans 1 says, “When Paul described the gospel as the power of God, he used the Greek word dunamis. That’s where we get our word dynamite.” A vivid image, right? But dynamite wasn’t invented until about 1860. Paul couldn’t have been thinking about dynamite.

If dunamis doesn’t mean dynamite, then what does it mean? Learning even a little Greek can give you the tools to explore the meanings yourself… and to experience the Word of God in new and eye-opening ways!

Even a little Greek helps a lot, and we can help you learn as much as you want!


What makes this course different?:

Most textbooks in beginning Greek give explanations of the grammar, followed by exercises (usually sentences to translate).  Our courses move beyond mere lecture and provide students with a simple but powerful system of interactive elements:

  • Questions and answers after every explanation – to make sure that you understand the concept.
  • Practice exercises with the answers right there on the page – so that you will know immediately whether you got it right!
  • Carefully sequenced review exercises. When you first learn a concept, you will review it often. As it becomes more deeply embedded in your mind, you review less frequently but you do come back to it often enough to ensure that you don’t forget it.
  • A project each lesson that takes you into the Greek New Testament – starting in the very first lesson!


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This course is completed on your own pace, and you have “lifetime” access to the content.

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Our courses can take as little as a few hours and allow you to break into the world of New Testament Greek so you can experience God's Word in a whole new way.