Where Do I Go from Here?

Congratulations!  You have finished the Word Study Course.

But you haven’t finished studying Greek words.  You have just stepped through the gateway into the wonderful world of New Testament Greek.  There’s so much to explore!

What can you do next?

  1. Add this dimension to the Bible study you’re already doing.  Do you teach a Sunday School class or lead a small group?  Add a step to your preparation checklist: Select one word in the Bible passage that you could study in Greek.
  2. Make sure you have downloaded the Blue Letter Bible or a similar app, so that you can look up a word whenever you are curious about a passage.
  3. Subscribe to the Ezra Project blog, “Word of the Week” for an in-depth look at a new Greek word every seven days.
  4. Go to ezraproject.com and click on “Blog” to find a growing list of Greek word studies.
  5. Build a list of Greek words that you would like to study.  In your personal Bible study, note words that arouse your curiosity.  As you read blogs or listen to sermons, note the places where the speaker refers to Greek word meanings.  Check for yourself to learn more and confirm the facts.

And don’t forget that the world of Greek involves more than just word studies.  You can explore even more by moving to the next two levels of Greek.

  • Level Two – Understand Greek grammar

Ezraproject.com has a whole section with understandable explanations of the most important points in Greeek grammar.

  • Level Three – Translate the New Testament

Order Greek Behind the Prof’s Back, an innovative workbook that has taken many students through a full-scale beginning Greek course.  Learn to translate the New Testament for yourself!