Part 1: Synonyms

In This Lesson

You will learn

  • How to handle synonyms: words with overlapping meanings
  • Master Template: A tool for organizing your research
  • Idioms: Phrases with meanings all their own.

You already understand the basic approach to Greek word studies, and you are ready to start doing it on your own.  In this lesson, we will provide tools you can use to take the next steps.

Video Highlights:

  • Synonyms are words with overlapping meanings.
  • You can use circles to visualize synonyms.
  • The context determines whether or not you emphasize the differences between two words.
  • Sample study: We will practice working with synonyms by looking at the two words for “man.”

After you finish Video 1, go through the workbook, pages 72-76 to consolidate your understanding of synonyms.