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Why do you want to learn how to unlock the meaning of Greek words in the New Testament?

Which of these benefits is most important to you?

  • Discover insights that are not readily visible in English
  • Understand why different Bibles have different translations for a word
  • Check the accuracy of things that I hear in sermons or books
  • Have the New Testament come alive by seeing it through first-century eyes
  • Avoid misunderstandings of Bible verses
  • Resolve passages that seem contradictory
  • Teach the Word accurately and confidently
  • Escape the need to depend solely on professional Bible scholars

Lesson 1 Preview

In Lesson 1, you will learn the foundation pillars of Greek word study:

  • 2 Things to Know about Words [Video 1]
  • 2 Stages of a Word Study [Video 1]
  • 2 Ways to Do each Stage [Video 2]

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