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Learning Greek
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Greek Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

If you want to learn Greek badly enough, you can do it, no matter what textbook you use.  But many textbooks make it more painful than necessary!

My burden in nearly 30 years of teaching Greek is to make things as simple as possible, without sacrificing accuracy.  I want to help you move from here to your goal in a straight line. 
    All the resources on the Ezra Project site are designed to help you get a fast start.
    In addition, I have also developed Greek Behind the Prof's Back, a beginning Greek textbook that takes a different approach to learning the language.  Here are some of its distinctive features:

Most textbooks in beginning Greek give explanations of the grammar, followed by exercises (usually sentences to translate).  Greek Behind the Prof's Back moves beyond the basics to provide a simple but powerful system of interactive elements: 
      Questions and answers after every explanation - to make sure that you understand the concept
      Practice exercises with the answers right there on the page - so that you will know immediately whether you got it right!
      Carefully sequenced review exercises.  When you first learn a concept, you will review it often.  As it becomes more deeplly embedded in your mind, you review less frequently but you do come back to it often enough to ensure that you don't forget it.
      A project each lesson that takes you into the Greek New Testament - starting in the very first lesson!

Click here to see a sample lesson from Greek Behind the Prof's Back.

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