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Greek Behind the Prof's Back:  A Self-Instructional Workbook for New Testament Greek

Greek Behind the Prof's Back provides features that will help you make maximum progress in the language:

Self-Paced - You can work on each lesson according to your own schedule.
Self-Teaching - View the answers to every exercise immediately, right next to the question, so you can correct misunderstandings instantly.
Minimum Memory - No need to memorize endless charts of endings; learn to look for the clues that identify verb forms.
Focus on essentials - Invest your time learning to recognize the building blocks of New Testament sentences, rather than laboring over minutia like accent marks or memorizing endless vocabulary lists.

INCLUDED FREE:   Minilexicon of the Greek New Testament, containing all the words used in Greek Behind the Prof's Back.

220 pages, 8.5 x 11

Satisfied Users:

"I found Greek Behind the Prof's Back to be an open door for me by which Greek was finally made accessible.  I learned how to read Greek and translate it for myself, as well as gaining the confidence that we have a reliable English version of the Bible.  I have also found that the more technical commentaries are now usable tools as I prepare for teaching and preaching.
As a 'mid-lifer' with a great deal of unused 'grey matter,' the particular approach your book takes enabled me to memorize and deal with the language at a pace I could grasp.  I wasn't burdened by the enormous task of rote memory each and every lesson.  I was able to just concentrate on how the language 'worked.' I learned the difference between the parts of speech, how they were related, and how they translated into English.  I can recommend the book to anyone wanting a basic knowledge of Greek, anyone intending to enter seminary for further study of the language, or to the layperson who longs to gain new insights into what the Lord has to say to us."
        -- Craig Smith, Associate Pastor, Family Life Bible Church, Conway, Arkansas

"Greek Behind the Prof's Back is a must for any student who desires to learn Greek, or for any pastor or professor who simply needs a refresher course.  Dr. Bechtle has without a doubt written the most user-friendly Greek grammar on the market.  I have used it for over 25 years, first as a student and now as a professor.  His simple and concise structure, combined with his ability to let the Greek text teach the student in every lesson, is its greatest asset."
        --  David Brewer, doctoral candidate, missionary, and Greek professor in Toronto, Canada

Here are two more items in a toolbox of resources designed specifically for the student learning New Testament Greek independently. 

1.  When you first begin, you will want to learn at least the basics of pronunciation:  Pronouncing New Testament Greek provides all the information you need to pronounce any Greek word.  A second part of the program provides additional practice by helping you read aloud the entire Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

2.  As you finish Greek Behind the Prof's Back, you will want to start translating the Greek New Testament for yourself:  Translator Training Wheels - I John gives you the help you need to make a smooth transition into the text of the New Testament.

Translator Training Wheels:  I John
Hints for the Novice Translator

Translator Training Wheels is your companion as you start the adventure of translating the Greek New Testament on your own.  When a kid starts to ride a bike, it's nice to have something that keeps him from crashing!  Translator Training Wheels helps you over the rough spots as you translate the Greek text of 1 John.  It contains the complete text of the book with space for you to write your own translation, plus hints at the spots where fledgling translators most often have difficulty.

Recommended for use when you are nearing the end of your study in Greek Behind the Prof's Back.

38 pages, 8.5 x 11

Pronouncing New Testament Greek 
Booklet and 2 CDs

This CD/booklet set introduces you to everything that you need to pronounce any word in the Greek New Testament.  The program uses a standard pronunciation which will be familiar to most students of New Testament Greek, rather than modern Greek.  This set is an ideal supplement to Greek Behind the Prof's Back for the student learning Greek without an instructor.

CD 1:  Greek Pronunciation Guide  // CD 2:  Matthew 5-7

Recommended for use when you begin studying Greek.

20 pages, 8.5 x 11 plus 2 CDs


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